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Margaret is taking 
voice students
beginning piano students Virtually!

My emphasis in the Studio is not just on a resulting sound, but on a mindset and overall understanding of the voice as an instrument and how we use our bodies to create and communicate. I believe it is important for every student of voice to have an understanding of his or her instrument in order to produce consistent, healthy, and beautiful sound.  In the same way an instrumentalist should know every aspect of a trumpet or viola, a singer should know the inner workings of the body and how our systems should coordinate to achieve this goal. In addition to this, I put heavy stock in getting to know the learning style of each student, whether one learns best through kinesthetic feeling, through visual intake of sheet music and images, through the aural sensors of sound, or through some combination of these means.  


I believe every person has the ability to sing; what makes it possible is having the information communicated in a way that makes it understandable to each student individually, and I see that as being my responsibility.  Beyond the technical aspects of singing, I help each student learn how relate to every piece of music in an emotional way and learn how to convey that without inhibiting their sound, but rather by enhancing the sound with their artistry. To me, this must be incorporated at the onset of learning music alongside all other mechanical details.  Singing is a holistic experience that can alter one's self and others, and I hope to embark on that experience with every new student.  


I teach voice students ages 5 - adult regardless of experience level, and piano students ages 8 - adult at the beginner level.  In person lessons are conducted in Moore County, NC, and I am now available for virtual lessons.


To inquire about taking lessons or to discuss lesson rates, please contact me here.